A Letter to My Son

A Letter to My Son

To My Beautiful Boy,

Here we are, after sixteen amazing years together and I love you more each day. It really does feel just like yesterday since I held you in my arms as a baby. You were the most gorgeous baby in the world with softest skin like a peach and hair as fine as spun gold. As soon as you could open your eyes you smiled, and my world was never the same. I can’t imagine life without you gorgeous one. You really are a gift from Heaven and I can’t wait to see where you travel on this wonderful adventure called life.

As I was putting photo albums together for your birthday, I couldn’t help but laugh at the fun we have had on our adventures here, there, and everywhere. See how much you smile beautiful? You really do light up with world with your laughter and the sparkle in your eyes. You are a channel of good-hearted mischief and the world is a better place with your light in it.

Sixteen is a difficult age babe but you will get through it because you have my love to carry you no matter what. Don’t let your life be defined by your past experiences. They are there to teach you so that you can grow. They are not a cage unless you make it that way. Know that the worries you carry today won’t even be in your head in five years, so breathe and take heart that drama only lasts for as long as you allow it to affect you. Know that nobody can make you feel your emotions, only you control those and anyone who hurts you is simply showing you an image of themselves, so thank them for giving you insight into how not to live your life, then any negative emotion you have will leave.

Know that you must love, regardless of any fear you might have. Fear is just the ego saying you’re not good enough, but you are way better than that. Love yourself and ego won’t stand a chance. You can only love another as much as you love yourself, so love like crazy and enjoy every beautiful loving opportunity that comes your way. Never settle for less my angel. Your happiness is why you have been put on this earth.

You will see that challenges bring lessons beautiful one, and those who challenge you the most are your greatest teachers in life. Listen and look at it all, but remember you can always choose not to be pulled into their drama. You can always choose who you walk this journey with. Don’t carry toxic relationships out of guilt or obligation. Only let loving relationships share in your light. This is your journey honey, nobody else’s. You can’t save people, you can’t change people, you can’t tell them what to do or how to act. You might just lose yourself in the process, so focus on wonderful you and you will attract the right people and unlimited opportunities into your life.

You have the power to make it all happen, just as you have the power to let others piss on your parade. See the abundance that is all around you where others don’t, and you will be the richest man in the world. Don’t focus on possessions to define yourself, because when they are gone, so will you be. Richness comes from within my darling. It can’t be bought or sold or traded and it’s all yours. Don’t lose it.

You know how much I love you angel. Just look at the smiles and sparkle in your eyes in these pictures (apart from one…in the prince costume that you hated) and remember that it was me you were looking at as I was looking at you and showering you with my infinite love. I won’t ever stop, even when I’m not here one day, because my love for you is eternal.

With love to my beautiful, incredible, smart, hilarious, mischievous, loving, and caring boy.

Love you always, Mum XXX