Every Dream Begins With Desire

Every Dream Begins With Desire

I am evolving again and while I do not know what the future will bring, I can feel the growth within me. I recognise the feeling well. It has ignited my soul many times over the years. What I had once taken to be a burning to desire to make external changes, I have long come to understand as being the beginning of internal change. And not just change for the sake of change. For this evolution of self does not come from drawing up a plan of action. It begins in the inner realms of our subconscious with a spark of Source light. It signals a time for change of its own accord, when it knows we are ready to walk the path. It’s something we all have within us, but we don’t all hear it and we don’t all want to hear it. I didn’t hear it for a long time, and now, well, there is absolutely no mistaking it. The calling has me asking again, how may I serve, and that is where my questions end because I trust that exciting, limitless opportunities to serve others are all around me.

Two years ago, I began hosting women’s mediation circles. I had never done anything like that before yet I felt an intense desire to serve others and share the joy I had experienced of healing mediation. My dream was to create a safe, sacred space where women could gather with like-minded individuals and spend a few hours in a blissful environment, free from all external demands and interference.

I would commence each gathering with a candle lighting ceremony honouring the light within each woman before spending an hour immersing them in beautiful guided visualisations and relaxing mediations. The air would be filled with cleansing incense as the women relaxed in the safe sacred space. It was a gift to witness the soothing change in their bodies and faces, never mind in their soul. There followed a tea ceremony, a time to relax among the sisterhood and share stories and wisdom. It never ceased to amaze me how the right women were always there at the right time, when their own wisdom from life experience was needed by another. Each gathering would be formally closed in a prayer of thanks and appreciation for all, sealing the sacredness of the afternoon. I always made sure each woman took away a small gift to make them feel extra special and blessed. Sometimes it would something as simple as a crystal, or a printed blessing; other times it would be a small jar of home-made sugar scrub or lotion infused with essential oils.

I had no plan on how long these gatherings would continue. I had no expectations, no attachment, just an authentic desire to serve others. I didn’t care if only one woman showed up or twenty. My mantra was that if I helped just one woman, then my work was done. This same mantra still drives me today.

These gatherings pushed me onto something else, energy clearing. I was only a few weeks into my coursework on this when I had a message to use the sacred energy clearing tools in my meditation circle. It was five minutes before people were due to arrive for the afternoon of meditation. I had no idea what to do, but the message was so strong that I went with it. I offered the women the option of having a chakra clearing before the session and they were all excited to take part. I was guided to use my sacred Indian bell to test and clear their chakras. It was crazy, I had no idea what to do, but I trusted and went with it. I was amazed to see that the bell stopped ringing at different charka centres on each woman, with no interference from me. To me this indicated a closed chakra and as I explained the impact of each blockage to the women they nodded in acknowledgment and agreement. Some more ringing and white sage cleared the chakras until they were all open and in balance. I had taken a bold step of trusting my guidance and as a result, I had just extended my level of service to others in a way I never thought possible.

A desire to serve others and trust in the guidance that follows is all that is required to start you on a new path. Rest assured, the new path will be the first of many, and will offer you twists and turns along the way in the form of new people, new opportunities, and continued growth. I had no master plan, no formal qualifications, only my own experience and a desire to serve. I have since moved on from my meditation circles and energy clearing work but have always maintained my desire to be of service and help others grow. I am excited to see where this next stage of evolution will take me and how it will allow me to be of even greater service.

As Dr Wayne Dyer said, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” Ask how you may serve then let yourself be guided on a new course.