All Is Well

I have been ill this week, with a bad dose of something that may have been food poisoning…perhaps. The strangest thing being, that while trying to choose between two items from a menu the day before I become ill, I received a very clear message to choose the fish. I even said aloud, “my guides say the fish.” So, what then followed was a bit of a surprise to say the least. After the episode, I felt as if I had been deeply cleansed, very roughly might I add, but cleansed none the less. My only desire was to drink water and eat cleanly. Hmm I thought, was this a much-needed kick in the butt (Divine intervention) from the Universe?

The last time I had food poisoning I couldn’t even say the word of the food I had eaten that day for years! But this time, well I could sit down and eat the very same meal all over again. That’s what makes me think this time perhaps it wasn’t food poisoning after all.

In my last Jewel, only ten days ago, I had written about Kali, the goddess of endings and beginnings, and how I felt her energy very strongly. She had been helping me clear my energy body on a very deep level and I began to think there was more to this physical cleanse I had just experienced, especially as I was guided what to eat that day!

In any event, I feel much lighter in body, mind, and soul. I have been energised to start a new project and I feel like a new version of me. That makes me even more certain this deep cleanse was Divinely orchestrated to ensure I had a much needed letting out of the old to make room for the new. This was an expulsion of the remnants of underlying limitations from my past that no longer serve me. You see, I have learned that just when you think you have grown and shed unwanted elements from your being, there is more just under the surface and those final remnants will come up to be cleared when the time is right until they are no more.

It’s no surprise that this sudden and massive expulsion for me related to the third emotional centre. As Louise L Hay and Dr Mona Lisa Schultz explain in All Is Well, the third emotional centre relates to an individuals’ sense of self. It covers the digestive system, weight, adrenal glands, pancreas, and addiction. The healing of this emotional centre has been enormous for me. After years of living with high cortisol levels from being in a constant state of fear and stress, medicating emotions that I didn’t know how to handle with alcohol, and having a very low sense of self-esteem which impacted on weight, I have taken responsibility for my life and made lasting positive change. I removed myself from toxic people, relationships and places, replaced limiting beliefs and thoughts with new positive ones, embraced daily meditation and welcomed deep inner peace into my life and emotional freedom on levels I could never have dreamed possible. I am now into my third year of being alcohol free, have removed dependency from relationships, and I have reclaimed my self worth in the process.

But is no surprise that after living like that for so long in my life there are still remnants of the associated energy deep within my physical body. And so I welcome with open arms this Divine flush which has in turn offered me new beginnings and prompted me to revisit the wonderful work of Louise L Hay and Dr Mona Lisa Schultz. This will allow me to gain even more insights into how I can continue to heal my body with intuition and affirmations. I hope you do too.