Back in March 2016 I wrote about the Hindu goddess Kali and how I felt her very strong energies whirling around me at that time. Kali is a very powerful goddess. She is the goddess of endings and beginnings and when she is around you will certainly feel her. I can most certainly feel her close again. She has been assisting me clear my energy body of deep rooted grief, grief that has not been accumulated in this lifetime, but throughout past lifetimes; and grief that is not only mine, but that of the Divine Feminine. She is paving the way for new beginnings in me and yet I feel the scale of her energy has increased to an incredible level as many others are also caught in her cycle.

Her energy can be felt across the globe at this time, and just as before, when I last wrote about her, we have again just experienced some highly energetic celestial events. This time I have again witnessed friends, and friends of my family, deal with the trauma of death and grief and go through endings in relationships and employment. But in the face of grief and tragedy, I have also witnessed compassion and love on a scale that I have never seen before. And that is Kali in her full cycle of renewal, birthing deeper connections and forcing us out of our comfort zone to awaken to what is precious in this life, each other.

My son has just lost a beautiful friend through suicide. Words cannot express the emotion involved and the heartfelt sympathy for those involved, and yet this deeply raw tragedy brought together so many young souls in a massive outpouring of love. At such young ages, these beautiful teenagers, while ravaged with shock and pain, arranged an impromptu remembrance event at the shore of the beach, a favourite place for the angel who passed. There, they released a sky full of balloons emblazoned with messages of love. This one angel who touched the hearts of many, in ways obviously unknown, has changed the path of life and love for all who knew her, forever. And while her time on this earth was short, her impact was not. She has firmly planted a seed of loving beginnings in each and every beautiful soul, and with it there is a decision to be made. Will those beautiful souls decide to allow that seed to be nourished with love and their lives to blossom in her memory, or will they deny that seed love and allow their lives and her memory to wither and die?

For while death is the permanent separation of body and mind, there is never any separation between hearts. To blossom with grace and reverence can only ever be the option we choose to honour those who have passed before us, and as Kali continues her never ending dance, we should embrace those we love and let them feel the strength of our love while their hearts still beat.

For anyone dealing with bereavement, please seek professional support early. I also recommend the following reading, You Can Heal Your Heart, Dr David Kessler; Dying to Be Me, Anita Moorjani; Love Never Dies, Dr Jamie Turndorf; Heaven Is For Real, Todd Burpo.