I heard a beautiful song recently which reminded me of the first steps I took towards a new life for myself many years ago. Back then I made many decisions with no help or guidance from anyone, but it was the first small decision I made which ultimately turned out to be life changing. One day, I decided to do something for me, no matter how small. That was it. Nothing big, nothing grand, I just wanted to do something for me. That decision resulted in me meeting someone new and being handed Doreen Virtue's archangel meditation.

Despite a catholic upbringing as a young child, I was not religious in adulthood and so I was skeptical of the angel theme and the thought of meditation, but I tried it. It was something new, something for me I reminded myself.

I found I had an amazing ability to visualise. As the meditation played, I could see myself right there in the company of the archangels. I could sense and perceive the energy flowing from them to me. I could feel the peace flood through me. I found my breathing relaxing and my stress levels reduce dramatically. The more I listened and meditated, the better I felt and the more calmness I experienced. I let all the hurt and doubt be cleansed by angel guidance and over time, as this new habit and way of thinking developed, I was led towards an entirely new and empowering way of living.

I had enjoyed listening to Doreen's meditation and was soothed with the idea that I had a team of angelic beings watching over me. Lucky me I thought. I then bought a Doreen Virtue angel oracle deck, again something entirely new to me. The beautiful messages of hope and encouragement surprised me. The angel words offered me new ways of looking at things and reminded me that I was infinitely supported. I had never considered or even heard such words of encouragement before. It was as though I had an angel on my shoulder whispering words of guidance. The more I read and listened, the more I believed I had a thousand angels watching over me.

From small beginnings, I changed my beliefs and my life because I came to believe those whispered words of encouragement. I came to accept Divine guidance and I opened my heart and soul fully to the magic of the universe. My life bloomed as a result.

On the desk where I write, I have a figurine of Archangel Gabriel who assists writers, speakers, and teachers. She also turns up constantly in my angel card readings. Whenever I ask which archangel is watching over me...there she is. It makes me smile as I feel her cheering me on from the sidelines. In fact, she always has been there. My primary school, where I spent seven years as a child, was named after her. Coincidence? I think not.