Feel The Force

Feel The Force - Jewels of Wisdom

Today I was in full energetic flow cooking up a storm in the kitchen, preparing all my meals in advance for the week ahead. Sweet and savoury pies cooked in the oven while the stove top was laden with pots of risotto, soup, chilli, and stroganoff. As one pot came off the stove top, another went on in its place. Double, double, toil and trouble sang the witches from Macbeth as they cooked. Thankfully there was no sign of any lizard legs or frog toes in my pots, just some hearty food for the cold winter nights that have descended upon us. But what a glorious way to spend a winter afternoon, cooking up a storm over bubbling pots of goodness.

As I removed one pot from the stove a big fat bubble of water fell onto the searing hotplate. It sizzled and moved around quickly on the heat as if trying to escape. I thought it would burst any second, but it didn’t. It simply ran around on the heat, moving faster and faster, but not bursting. I had no idea how long this bubble of water could remain on the hotplate. I had expected it to burst and evaporate very quickly, but it didn’t. Some physical force was at play, something that I knew would involve heat, the water structure, and perhaps some other variables, but not having much scientific understanding I didn’t know why the water bubble remained intact on such high heat for what felt like such a long time.

So there I stood watching the water bubble dance all over the hot stove top. I accepted there must be energetic forces at play even though I couldn’t see them and didn’t understand how they worked. It struck me that the same energetic forces holding this water bubble intact on a searing hot plate and causing it to dance around, were the very same energetic forces found everywhere in the universe. We take so many things for granted without even beginning to understand, like gravity, we just accept it. We never question it, never doubt it exists and although not all of us know what forces are at play, we accept it. There is energy at play all around us and within us, such as the energetic forces that stop our planet spinning off into deep space, that keep the sun at just the right distance from earth so we don’t burn up, that cause our oceans to ebb and flow, our hearts to beat and our diaphragms to contract, our nails and hair to grow; and all without action from us. We live in a truly remarkable and wondrous universe where energetic forces affect everything and everybody.

As I stood watching the water bubble that was now gradually decreasing in size, but still dancing, I considered there must be some repelling and attraction going on at a molecular or atomic level. I have no grasp on physics at all but I considered that much while multi-tasking with many tasty dishes. It made me wonder why it’s so easy for us to readily accept energetic principles that keep our feet firmly on the planet, the moon in the sky, the sun at the perfect distance from earth, our hearts to beat and so on, but why we find it so difficult to accept that thoughts become things. Our thoughts are pure energy after all as is everything in the universe. So why do we struggle to accept that by thinking good thoughts we are creating positive energy, which will align with more positive energy; and that by thinking bad thoughts, we are creating negative energy, which will align with more negative energy. This is known as the universal law of attraction, just one of many universal laws. It is up there with the law of gravity, yet we never doubt, question, or reject that one.

As my now tiny water bubble disappeared before my eyes, I had to say thank you. For the two-minute dance it gave me reminded me that I am more than a mere mortal cooking up a storm in the kitchen on a Saturday afternoon. I am an energetic mass of flashing, pulsing, universal magnetism, and so are you.