The Great Wall

The Great Wall - Jewel of Wisdom

"Some people live with the fear of a touch, and the anger of having been a fool. They will not listen to anyone, so nobody tells them a lie." sang Billy Joel in his song, Innocent Man. We may also know this as putting up walls, something that we supposedly all do at times. Walls, barricades, steel doors, they are the same. These walls apparently manifest in actions of withdrawal, silence, doubt. On the flip side, they may also manifest themselves through actions of narcissism, dominance, aggressiveness, loudness, and pride.

Walls, if they are to be acknowledged, come in all shapes and sizes. Have you ever been told that you have built up a wall so high no-one will get around it? Have you been told that as soon as X happens, your walls go up? How does that make you feel? Powerless? Incapable? Well that is exactly the intention of the person who tells you such things, driven by their need of importance. Have you told yourself that you have built a wall about something that you will just never get past? How does that make you feel? Like a failure? Well that is exactly the intention of the ego, the ego that also wants to keep you in a place of powerlessness from its own need of importance.

The truth is, there are no such things as 'walls'. Contrary to the psychological weight imposed by such a belief or thought pattern, we should not catastrophize. There are no stone walls, steel doors, or impenetrable towers to climb, break through, or that are holding you back. When someone offers, or imposes their opinion about you or your life; or when you impose a thought pattern upon yourself, you have two choices, to accept it as truth, or to discount it as an untruth. The ‘wall’ is really only the period of time when you are caught between those two choices. It is the period of time when you know the answer deep in your soul, but allow yourself to be turned away from your Divine connection by desires to appease external conditions.

If someone truly loves you, including you loving yourself, then do not waste time with thoughts or comments about walls, because it makes no sense to do so. Instead of worrying about external conditions, turn inwards and find love, for that is where all truths reside. Anything else that steers you away from that inward place of exalted peace is an untruth and does not belong in your heart, soul, or life. As Brian Adams writes in How to Succeed, “There is little sense in attempting to change external conditions, you must first change inner beliefs, then outer conditions will change accordingly.”

You see with love, all walls come tumbling down.