Perfect Failure

Perfect Fail

I’m late with my Jewel. Normally issued every ten days or so, I’m three days late with this one and it has been a struggle as I’ve been held back by my guides when attempting to write. Each time I had prepared to write, they told me, “no.” Okay I would answer, I’ll wait then. As my deadline grew closer I asked “What am I to write about this time?” and nothing came back. Again, I prepared to write and again they told me no.

I admit I became a bit anxious waiting for a sign, prompt or dialogue as my deadline approached. What have I done, I thought. Am I being blocked? If I was, I knew it was for good reason and so I listened to the message I was receiving and as hard as it was, I let the deadline pass with no Jewel. Perhaps something would come the day after, but I felt disappointed with myself. I had failed. I had failed to maintain my routine and I had failed my readers. And then the penny dropped. I had been blocked to bring the issue of failure to the table. Thank you guides.

Of course, on reflection I hadn’t failed. All that had happened was the goal posts had changed. The Universe had delivered on its own timetable, as always. It was I that had set specific deadlines around the process. How egotistical I thought. This was a gentle nudge to remind me of the powers of creation. So what if my Jewel was a few days late. Did this spell the end of the world? No. Did this mean I could never write another item ever again? No. Did this mean I could never show my face in public again for fear of being branded a failure. Absolutely not! So, what did it all mean?

Sometimes we restrict ourselves by our own, and others, goals, desires, expectations, and routines. We expect Spirit to show up on time, every time. Some of us do not even recognize that Spirit is the power behind all we do, so for them failure is a deep and personal wound to the ego. We need to remember to let go at times, to let Spirit take the reins and to take a breather ourselves from always showing up, on time, every time. It’s okay to get out of the driver’s seat, climb in the back and ride along as the passenger. It is not a sign of failure. It is not a sign of having quit. It is just a sign that we are comfortable with trusting, letting go, pressing pause for a while (or permanently) and are happy to experience the other side of always doing and becoming. It is a sign that we trust everything will be okay on the Universes timetable.

Our spiritual greatness does not disappear because of a missed deadline, missed appointment or late school report, yet we can experience anxiety, sense a lack of ability and worth by judging ourselves, or allowing others to judge us. We need to remember to replace anxiety with gratitude. If something is not coming to us quick enough, be it ideas, creative flow, an on-time train or financial means, there is always a reason. There is no point in filling precious seconds, minutes, hours, or days with anxiety. Anxiety lowers our vibration and attracts more of the same. Instead, we should accept each moment as it is presented to us. If we can see ourselves as being in the perfect place at the perfect time and look for things to be grateful for in that moment, rather than letting anxiety hold us prisoner, then we will understand there is no such thing as failure in this wonderful life.