I am standing on my balcony in the mid-morning sun watching dragonflies dance gracefully through the air. As soon as one darts out of sight, another takes its place. They seem to be cavorting in the beautiful blue sky right before me, playing in the breeze and expressing their spirit. I have always been fascinated with dragonflies. I recall many summer nights laying on the grass watching dragonflies dart around in the air above me. Whenever they appear I feel extremely blessed for a fleeting glimpse, even more so when they seem to hang around and play.

The dragonfly spirit represents transformation. This characteristic strikes a chord and causes me to retreat inside for a moment. I look at the writing pad where I scribble details of images and words as they pop into my head. On the page, I have written,” Transformation. Changing woman”. This is a theme for a ritual I am yet to write and instantly I see the synchronicity. It is as though my initial guidance to write about transformation is now being reinforced with the appearance of the dragonflies.

This reinforcement warms my heart, but I am not surprised as this is how it always happens. Firstly, I take note of the words or images that are delivered to me from my higher self, or whatever name you care to give to the higher level of consciousness, and then I wait for the physical signs that appear as confirmation if I’ve not already started the sacred alchemy of mixing words and thoughts into messages of love. Some of these signs blow me away and make me laugh aloud they are so strong, just like the dragonflies appearing this morning, the very morning after I wrote those words. I never stop thinking what an amazing universe we live in.

I don’t think this moment of synchronicity relates solely to my writing either. I feel there is a message for me and I am being guided to look at, or to be prepared for some part of me to fall away, less I become trapped, unable to take flight to pastures new. What new expression of life is ready to burst open from me? I have no idea yet, but I know it will come. I close my eyes and consciously accept all that change may bring me, for change has already made me stronger, wiser and transformed me in ways I could never have imagined. I do not fear the metamorphosis I feel is coming, after all we are here to thrive and live a joyful life. We cannot do that without experiencing change of some degree. There are no limits to the amount of joy we can experience if we choose to partake in this gift of life. And while I may have no clue what will happen next, I trust that something will happen and as a result, I will learn and grow from the experience and thrive some more.

As Mike Dooley tells us, “Just because we can’t see the miracles in our life, doesn’t mean that they aren’t happening – even right now!” and with that thought I return to my view of the dragonflies in the blue sky and await with excitement the change that has already begun in me but has yet to morph into the physical world.