Join The Dots

It’s what keeps up going, it is what turns discontent into the search for rainbows. It’s what makes us run away to distant lands in our heads or in our hearts until we eventually move with our feet. It’s the feeling that there is something more. We may not know what that something more is, we just know it is not what the present is currently offering us and that itch, that burn for more won’t ever leave until we find the answer.

When we don’t know what the something more is that we are seeking, we try lots of things along the way to feel if the fit is right. With each new experience comes growth, knowledge and a better understanding of what we definitely don’t want. We learn about the things that do not make our soul sing and at the same time we move closer to finding the things that do make our soul sing in the way we know it yearns to. And so, we continue with our search for something more.

But where do we start if we are feeling the burn for something more and can’t scratch the itch? What first step can we take when surrounded by everyday intrusions of life? Begin by doing something for you and only you. Now usually we get knocked down by that concept and never get any further. Is the thought of taking time for yourself so far removed from reality? Yes? Then you are in dire need of some time out, believe me. The next thought is generally that some costly course is required that we can’t afford; or perhaps we think we need to pay for coaching. The truth is, great things can come from taking small steps just as much as they can come from taking giant leaps. There is no need for any expense in all honesty and there is no need to sacrifice a huge amount of time. The good news is that by taking small steps, there is no need to explain yourself to anyone and your actions can be sustained.

Take a walk to the store for some groceries and on the way, stop for a coffee somewhere new, stop in at the library or take a detour through a local park. Just ten minutes out of a normal routine will help you detach from the day and all responsibilities. Why not plan a day off work without telling anyone and just go do something else where nobody knows you and you won’t run the risk of bumping into someone and getting side-tracked? The idea is to let in space and fully own the time you have to yourself. Small frequent YOU time is key because we need space for something more to be heard and for it to slowly begin to show itself.

When we begin to take back time for ourselves thoughts and ideas appear as if by magic and slowly they build on each other and offer more insight, options and answers. Just like a massive join the dot puzzle, each thought and idea leads to the next and usually helps to explain what just went before. Get creative and keep track of what makes you happy. Cut pictures from magazines and build a scrapbook or dream board of things that make you smile. It doesn’t have to be anything big. Glue pictures into a notebook that fits into your purse so you can carry it with you everywhere to look inside whenever you get some time to yourself. Fill it with quotes that you love from books or that you find on the internet. Begin to compile material that inspires and motivates you. Make it your own. Add drawings and doodles, ideas and dreams. Don’t dare think you are not capable. Just express yourself and gradually you will begin to create a blueprint of who you are. For that is when something more will burst from within, calling out to you like a wild woman…and your soul will sing back in grateful thanks.