Melodies of Life

By the shores of Lake Wakatipu on the South Island of New Zealand, the air is filled with melodies so graceful they can only be described as communication direct from the soul of an angel. Surrounded by soaring snow topped mountains, blue skies and glacial waters that rise and fall like a heart beating in the land locked lake, a piano busker touches the hearts of many, unknowingly coaxing them to dance to the music of life yet never saying a word.

I have been blessed to travel to this beautiful country whose energy resonates with me in ways that have never been rivalled to this day. My heart sings from the first glimpses of the mountains upon arrival. The air is like nectar to my lungs and my eyes just can't take in enough of the natural beauty that surrounds me. And when there just can't possibly be any more wonder and awe to be had, I find the piano busker with melodies that have captured the essence of my being in this beautiful wild land for they reflect the sound of my soul.

My grateful heart and life are filled with beautiful music. The melody is one of immense freedom, love and gratitude; and as my eyes scan the incredible snow topped mountain scenery, the lush green pastures and blue glacial water, I realise I have never felt more at home with who I am in this very moment. I close my eyes to the music and instantly I am flying high on the wind, rising and falling, gliding effortlessly with only beautiful landscapes before me. Water glistens below me and the only sound is the melody within me.

You see there comes a time when the music of life just picks you up and carries you upon it's tune. You may glide on music notes like a bird floating on a summer breeze high above the world below. You may be hushed into dreamland by the tones of a sweet lullaby; or you may be flung full throttle into new experiences with an adrenalin heart pumping beat, but you must let yourself be carried by the music of life at some point. You must let your spirit soar and experience the exquisite tonal essence of life. You must give yourself permission to live within the music otherwise it will circle around you and although you will hear the notes, until you let them carry you, you will never feel the elegance of the energy as it vibrates within you on a particle level and resonates with your soul.

Only one thing stands in the way. Permission. Grant yourself permission to follow your bliss. Grant yourself permission to follow your heart. Grant yourself permission to live a joyful life, free of conformity and free of constriction. Unwrap the blindfold of permission from your eyes. Cut the ties of permission from your wrists and ankles. Unshackle yourself from the restraints of permission that bind you and hold you prisoner. Delete the words “I can't” from your life. Because, yes, you can. Then “sound the note that calls your soul to you” and experience the music of life. Fall into the arms of your melody and be taken on a journey of freedom, love, joy and simplicity. Let it carry you near or far, home or away...just let it carry you.

Inspired by the incredible AJ Hickling