Ever Thine, Ever Mine

“To love another is something like prayer and can't be planned, you just fall into its arms because your belief undoes your disbelief” wrote Anne Sexton.

Do you believe in love, or has disbelief gripped your heart in its vice like grip? There is nothing like the feeling of being head over heels in love. Do you remember the feeling? Maybe you are experiencing it right now. The butterflies in your stomach? The flushed face and breathlessness catching you unawares? Falling asleep with a smile on your face, your heart bursting with love, then waking up to the day ahead, excited beyond words by the promise of endless possibilities. “Today when I awoke I walked into the garden to be met by the most beautiful perfume. It reminded me of you, how beautiful you are. You are graceful, vibrant, colourful and that's how I started my day...with thoughts of you.” said T Farrah to the woman he loved.

Love is the most incredible feeling in the world. Love is natural wholesome bliss. Everything and anything is possible when love takes us in its arms. We abandon all fears, cast caution to the wind and float off into an endless sea of euphoria. Held in love's embrace, comparable only to Heaven on Earth, we bare our hearts and souls. Yet if we are not in a relationship with a special someone, we generally deny ourselves all of that excitement, elation and the childlike jumping from our slumber to savour all that the new day brings. Instead we press pause and wait. We wait with baited breath for the day to come when we will experience that rare bliss with someone special...someone...someday.

But we should not deny ourselves such joy, nor anyone else for that matter, because we are always in a relationship! We are always in a sacred relationship of self and Spirit and Spirit never drops the ball, never misses the mark, never ever falls out of love with us.

We will always manage to find a million other things more beautiful than ourselves, but not in the eyes of Spirit. When the day dawns we see a sleepy eyed groaning mess crawl to the bathroom with one eye opened squinting into the light. Spirit sees only an angel awaken with beauty like a glistening blue lake. When we are feeling sad or upset, Spirit wants nothing more than to hold us for as long as possible. When we feel clumsy, frazzled and out of sorts, Spirit sees only elegance, sparkle and poise. Spirit starts every day with thoughts of us and bids us to awaken more beautiful than any rainbow. Spirit never doubts how special we are and never stops telling us this is one relationship that will last forever.

Love is devotion in its purest form and the best kind is that which will awaken our soul, tend to our sorrow with love and compassion and bring peace to our hearts and minds. However when love ends a world of pain generally follows. Gradually the initial hurt and anger may turn to sadness, then dullness, then healing. It's all healing actually as this is Spirit tending to our wounds. When we have reclaimed the gifts of peace and love of self we are ready to love again, but we must not forget the one who always loves us through thick and thin, through relationship after relationship, who whispers words of encouragement to our soul as we sleep each night, who looks into and through our beautiful eyes and only sees Heaven. That is Spirit.

Love should not be saved, packed away in a box like good china and only brought out for special occasions. Beautiful soulful love should be shared and shown in every possible way, in every relationship, enough to make the birds sing and the days special. For at the end of the day Spirit will be always be there waiting to hold us all through the night in readiness for a new day full of endless possibilities. If we awaken to this knowledge then we can experience a deep level of soul love every day of our lives. If we can let ourselves be nourished and nurtured by this sacred relationship with Spirit, then any relationship thereafter must surely be imbued with lavish abundance.