Dream a Little Dream

I have had crazy success with vision boards over the years. I made my first when I was in the throes of leaving my marriage. I had no idea where I would live, no idea how I could afford it and no idea about anything other than survival. What I did have was dreams, dreams of a safe place full of calmness and peace. I dreamed of having a home that would be my sanctuary and where I could eventually find myself again. While my head pounded from the panicked thoughts of how I could actually make this happen, my heart and soul were already off looking for this sacred space. I began looking through magazines, cutting and snipping images of homes and gardens that brought me a great feeling of peace. Slowly I began to paste them all onto an old canvas. The end result was beautiful and I hung that vision board right in front of me at my desk. I looked at it constantly. I meditated on the images regularly and could see myself moving through the rooms, walking barefoot on the wooden floors, climbing the wooden stairs. In one meditation I stopped at the bottom of the stairs and found that I was looking at myself in a mirror. I was smiling and happy, I looked relaxed, fresh and alive. That image in my head brought me to tears as it felt so real. Roll on six months and I was in a home exactly like the one in my vision board. Everything from the two story weatherboard home, to the wooden floors and stairs, the colours in the home and even the succulents planted in the garden matched the vision board. I hadn’t even been looking. This home was the first one I saw when I was finally ready to make the move. I am still here and I have never been happier in a home at any point in my entire life. I truly found my sanctuary and sacred space, or did it find me?

The next vision board success was just as crazy as the first. This board was love related and carried images of fairy tale weddings, Edward and Bella love, sparkling engagement rings and a knight in shining armour. Again within six months or so of making this board the knight appeared, the love was intense like Edward and Bella and even a sparkling engagement ring materialised with grand plans for a fairy tale wedding, including a castle! Sad to say this one was fatally flawed, for in my quest to attract Edward and Bella love that was unfortunately what I got. Intense as it was it was sadly not real and didn’t last. But there was no denying the vision board exercise had been a success and I have since learned to be very careful what I wish for.

Last year I covered my vision board with images of beautiful flowers in full bloom. The vision I was aiming for was for me to bloom as an individual and for my life to bloom in general. No crazy movie stuff on this one, just a heartfelt vision of beautiful simplistic blooming...and I did, my life did too. I can honestly say I am in one of the most peaceful and creative times of my life at the moment and I feel I have bloomed and grown incredibly in the last year. Fresh pink roses and intoxicating eucalyptus leaves sit on my desk as I write to remind me of my most recent transition.

Just this week the images of blooms on my vision board are telling me it is time to set a new course, a new direction and a new path. Special days are ahead. Already I have images of forest paths, mountains, lakes and stunning nature pinned on my vision board. I can imagine myself on the veranda of a home surrounded by trees and nature, the cool morning air causing me to clutch the warm mug of coffee in my hands tighter. Silence, peace and mountain mist surround me. I don’t know where this vision board is headed, what or who may fill the gaps, but that is the exciting part. With no agenda I can now patiently await the unfolding of what lies ahead. It’s time to dream again and attract another beautiful chapter in life.