Love Never Dies

I have been called to write about death this week and I have been putting off putting pen to paper on this one because I feel uncomfortable about it. That said I cannot deny that the energy of Kali the Hindu Goddess of endings and beginnings is very strong at the moment. Kali reminds us of the dance of life. She reminds us not to fear change or loss but just to accept the ever changing whirl of universal energy of which we are all a part and she is dancing all around me to be heard.

Some of that universal energy signalling the dance of life has manifested in the form of the solar and lunar eclipses this month bringing change, endings and beginnings. Secondly, I have watched friends struggle this week as their worlds have been thrown into chaos by the sudden news of their loved ones facing life threatening illness, or actual death. Then there is my friend in India who is visiting Varanasi this weekend on the banks of the River Ganges where bodies are cremated in sacred ritual before being placed in the river to honour Kali. Finally, I saw a medium last week and was moved to tears by the comfort she brought to so many people distressed from the loss of their loved ones and with so many questions they needed answering. So I am certainly getting the message about writing about death thank you Divine guides, but I’m still uncomfortable.

...and there-in lies the message. There is nothing to fear, or feel uncomfortable about endings because we are only seeing these endings from our own 2D way of thinking...there-in is another message. Without our mind, our bodies do not exist. Without our mind none of this exists, so why do we have to believe that death is the end? Think about that. That is an incredible reality. Without our mind none of this exists. What does that tell you about the power of the mind and the story we have been fed? Where does the mind even come from, because no scientist has ever found “the mind” from dissecting brain matter? All of the electrical activity and chemical reactions in the brain are not “the mind”. Does that open you up to the possibility that we are more than just our bodies, more than just a mind? I hope it does!

The belief that we are more than just these bodies is what helps people bridge the divide between this earth and their loved ones in spirit. People can say goodbye, for now, with love and hope because they believe there is more. I believe there is more. Just how big is our ego if we think that the entire purpose of our creation is to work to retire and die. As Wayne Dyer said, “there are no beginnings and there are no endings”.

My first experience of someone passing, on beyond life, certainly did not “leave a beautiful sense of their presence like music lingering on” as says, the Song of Memory. The sound of my mother’s guttural screaming with the realisation that her husband, my father, was dead in bed beside her has haunted me since the age of 13. I have never heard any noise come close to that again and hope I never will but I can honestly say that pain did not come from my father’s actual death but from the nuclear bomb of other people’s emotions that I was caught in the middle of.

Believing that someone has gone on to somewhere better and that they are still around us energetically is comforting beyond words. I wish my family had shared that belief and they in turn had shared it with me at a young age. I know that having and sharing such a belief can change attitudes and change lives. We are after all spiritual beings having a physical experience, not physical beings having a spiritual experience. We just have to be bigger than our ego’s to believe our incredible journey never ends.

For anyone dealing with bereavement at this time I recommend the following reading, You Can Heal Your Heart, Dr David Kessler; Dying To Be Me, Anita Moorjani; Love Never Dies, Dr Jamie Turndorf; Heaven Is For Real, Todd Burpo; and of course please seek help.