Autumn Treasures

Autumn is here and of course it is harvest time, a time of bountiful supply of fruits, vegetables and grains. The leaves are already starting to turn and soon there will be an abundance of amber, gold, flame red and burnt orange leaves to be enjoyed. Autumn is my favourite time of the year. Cool enough to sleep and still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors. Everything seems to quieten down a touch too. It is the beginning of a slow slide into winter, but winter is far enough away and Autumn is yet to be enjoyed.

As I sit and watch the trees blowing in the wind I see autumn coloured leaves break free and float to the ground. Freedom I think, freedom for the leaves breaking free from the tree and freedom for the tree casting off the leaves that no longer serve it. It reminds me how wonderful it has felt at times in my life to shake things off and be free of them. I am reminded that all of the things I have shaken off served their purpose, just like the leaves falling to the ground are nourishing the earth and are essential for the ongoing growth of the tree.

The wind picks up and the tree bends some more, its branches shake and more leaves are scattered. This particular tree I am focused on is mature and so it stands firm while its branches bend in the wind. I think of how easy it is in life to bend and flex with challenges and changing conditions when one is grounded and steadfast in their own identity, yet how easy it is to become uprooted and tossed to the elements if one only has a shallow grasp on their own identity. Surface dwellers are uprooted too often in life and in nature. We can learn a lot from the earth and from observing nature. It is at times our greatest teacher, after all mankind has been on earth for such a short time.

There are treasures to be had in the simplest of forms when we spend a moment observing nature and experiencing silence. For some it is a struggle to simply observe in silence. For some, silence is uncomfortable and weird. Yet this is the time when answers come with ease. Clarity and epiphany moments burst forth and we feel peace in our hearts before returning to the noise of the world. It is easy in moments of silence and when in nature to see the abundance we are surrounded by.

The golden autumn leaves are a reminder to look for and recognise the cornucopia of abundance that is all around you. Remember when you think of lack you act like a magnet attracting the same energy that you are sending out. When you think of abundance, you attract more of the same. While you may not see the trees as your teacher, or the autumn leaves as rubies or amber falling at your feet, consider the abundance in the gift of sight that together with the gift of your brain translates the beautiful colours of the leaves into jewels before your eyes.

Be more like the mature trees and provide shelter to the young saplings and surface dwellers with their shallow roots and never stop appreciating the simple reminders of abundance that are all around you, especially at this beautiful autumn harvest time.

“Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart desires must come to you.” Shakti Gawain.