Blue Bayou

Can you remember a specific period in your life where you thought everything was just perfect, life was great, all was good? I’m sure you can, we all can. If that perfect time has now passed, just how often do you think of the good ol' days? Do you dream of having that time back now and stepping back right into that moment? Are you currently caught between worlds with one foot in the past and one in the future, standing in what feels like no-man’s land?

If you are caught between worlds at the moment you may feel incredibly stuck, unable to move forward, unable to move back, and the present just throwing chaos and conflict at you. Being caught between two worlds can feel like everything and everyone is working against you, blocking your way and every means of getting you back to that perfect moment in time.

Sometimes when we are stuck between two worlds we try so hard to change and control external circumstances in an attempt to re-live the good ol’ times that we lose our place in life. We feel a sense of abandonment, a sense of almost being orphaned, left to get on with it with no-one really understanding what is going on underneath the surface. Sometimes we don’t even know what is going on underneath the surface ourselves; we just know there is something better to be had, something that feels familiar and good, some 'thing' that is just out of our reach.

The song Blue Bayou has a beautiful chorus that tells of a desire to go back to a time and place time where life is good. “If only I could see that familiar sunrise through sleepy eyes, how happy I’d be.” I think we all have a memory that we could label as being our own Blue Bayou, a place in time where life was sweet. So what stops us from going back to the sweet spot and living it every day? Usually it’s time, money and responsibility that are the first things to stand in our way, but then there is the reality...that time no longer exists. The people have moved on, lives have changed. We have grown ourselves in years, wisdom, expectations; and our desires have all changed. So where does that leave us? Surely there is more to be had than just a memory?

Of course there is, because from our elevated position in life we hold a bird’s eye view of all that has gone before. We can now look back on that sweet spot in life and dissect it. What is it we really long for from that time? What elements of our Blue Bayou are we seeking to bring into the now? What made that time so special, great or perfect? Was it the people, the place, the job, the lover? No matter how big of a list you make you will find one common denominator. You. You were right there in the middle of it and here’s the thing, what made it so great for you might never have been felt by anyone else, because it was your experience. That means what you are looking for now is still inside you.

So, when caught between two worlds there really is only one thing to do. Bring both feet to the present, stand tall and look inside to find your sweet spot again. It’s always there, always has been and always will be. Don’t let life and all of its magic blow by you in the search for your old Blue Bayou.

Dedicated to a beautiful friend. May you find your balance in the present to create an incredible future XXX