There is a recurring theme happening all around me at the moment. Perhaps you have noticed something similar. I have been swamped with happenings and communication regarding water. Everything from a flooded sink, a broken shower tap which resulted in water gushing for hours, a blocked pipe at work, emails offering me cruise deals, friends telling me of their plumbing problems and of course images of flooding around the globe. Believe it or not a car that cut in front of me even had a sticker with the word NOAH on the back window! Now this may seem like nothing to get excited about, but it all happened in the space of one week right after I cleansed and rejuvenated my outdoor space at home with a good scrub and hose down. I distinctly remember giving some newly potted plants a really good soaking in and admiring their beautiful greenery against the new beach coloured pots as the cool water ran over my bare feet. It was a heavenly moment in the extreme heat but the theme of water has stuck with me ever since.

It is also interesting that from 20 January we enter the zodiac period of Aquarius, the water carrier. Aquarians are known for their dislike of feeling trapped which drives them to escape...just like all the water that has escaped from pipes, hoses, taps and more!

If you remember I left you a few weeks ago with the words "let it flow, let it flow, let it flow". Well it certainly has and that is no coincidence as this year is all about letting go and going with the flow, but only if it serves your highest good of course.

There are after all no coincidences in life with everything divinely orchestrated and flowing in perfect order. So what does this all mean? Well this year we are being told to look for the synchronistic moments in our lives. What recurring messages are flowing to you in this incredible universe? Are you seeing them, acknowledging them and understanding them? Or are you letting these universal signs simply flow through your hands this year. You may notice recurring themes, see repeated numbers or words, or meet people just as you think of them. Be aware of the signs all around as this is a time to recognise them and see what message they hold for you. It is universal guidance and support. If you have struggled with resolution setting for this year that's a sign to simply let things be and go with the flow. Maybe you need more time to see things clearly before you go off tying yourself up in knots trying to change everything. Think of it as waiting for the water to clear before you dive in! We also need to cleanse our lives and thoughts this year to allow good universal and karmic flows. Only when we clean out the old can the flow of the new come in, but it is not to be forced and that is where the let go and let it flow applies.

Sometimes we need to be more like water, after all our bodies are roughly 2/3 just that, so it makes sense that when we are still and at peace our inner self is akin to a serene lake. When we are agitated, angry or frustrated our inner self can resemble the perfect storm. When we are cool and calm so too is the water. When we are hot and bothered so too is the water. Try and use that analogy as you go through this month. Be the Aquarian water carrier. Ask yourself how the water you carry internally will act and look if you are rushing, scattered, angry or negative as opposed to being calm and in control, peaceful and in harmony with your surroundings. Use it to gauge how your surroundings and interactions, or lack of interactions affect the water. We want to avoid creating tsunamis, blockages, backflows, storms, floods, contamination and even droughts in our psyche as we move through 2016.

It is a time for renewal and experiencing a refreshing new approach to life. As Indra Devi teaches us, "Like water which can clearly mirror the sky and the trees only so long as its surface is undisturbed, the mind can only reflect the true image of the Self when it is tranquil and wholly relaxed".

It's time to stop swimming upstream against the current and just allow yourself to be taken wherever the lazy river flows. Let yourself be immersed in the clear calm waters that are flowing your way in 2016 and feel the ripples of change. "When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy" Rumi.