Clean Freak

The universal energies have taken a hold of me this month and won’t let me go. I’m in constant motion cleaning house and by that I mean cleaning body, mind, spirit and home. I can feel where the blockages are and I feel as if I have some ethereal force pulling me here and there while in my ear are whispered the words, “ here, here, clear this, clean that, let go of that, deal with this”. I could be mistaken for having developed a sudden onset of OCD, but I’ve not.

It’s like trying to clear up before a big event, or when a guest is coming, only this cleaning house is deep and is touching the very core of my being. It feels like I’m being prepared for something big, as if big change is coming, a new approach to life, a new me...and it’s exciting!

Nothing has been left untouched in this state of catharsis. I am eating nothing but clean unprocessed foods, drinking water by the litre, meditating more deeply and frequently, cleaning out cupboards, drawers, shelves, desks, electronic files, contacts, even shampooing the carpets! I’m brushing, scrubbing and purging spaces with sound and incense, purifying anything that moves almost! I’m dealing with things that need done, saying what needs to be said. I’m releasing people that need to be released for their own growth and for mine, I’m allowing what I feel is right to be done. None of this has been planned, it’s just taking place and I feel as if I am truly going with the flow of energies that are whirling and swirling around me in a dance. “Keep up they say...keep up. See what you have attached to and let attach to you...more to clear, more to clean”.

Purification of body, mind and spirit can only lead to one thing, higher vibration, and that is a good thing because it brings each of us closer to our source and that is exactly where the collective consciousness is heading. You can see evidence of the shift happening all around you. Maybe you are feeling it too. People are no longer willing to tolerate the dramas or the circumstances that weigh on their soul. They are depositing the drama in search of their dharma. All of the slimy surface crap that so many people define themselves with is being scraped away as the vibration of the collective consciousness rises. For some people who are not ready to have their inner self shown to others, that process may be abrasive and painful. You will see people in pain, you will see their drama unfold and hopefully you will know that is not where you want to be.

We are moving more rapidly into a world where goodwill towards others, humanity and love for others will quickly take over from self obsession and clutter and those who are ready will adjust and ride the top of the goodwill momentum wave rather than be caught in its undercurrent.

All of this universal direction to clean house is a clear message to get things in order. Take care of what needs done. Take ownership. Dispose of excess, dispose of drama, sort your finances, complete things, clear your body, mind and spirit of all that weighs you down and dims your light. Open your eyes to the real drama that is going on all around us and help others. Do you want to live in a house with windows so dirty that you are oblivious to the disaster going on outside? That is where we are currently at. People are dying all over the word and still our money, time and energies are being directed on things that we think will make us happy, or make us bigger, better and more important.

This month we are being told to clean house in every aspect of life and wake up to what is really going on. We all have our part to play in this change that is coming. If you are feeling the need to clean any area of your life don’t put it off any longer, you are being universally guided and that is one call you should never ignore. If you do, you might just miss the boat when that wave hits.