I Believe In...

Do you remember the excitement as a child waking early on Christmas morning to find presents under the tree? I love replaying memories of Christmas past spent with my own children. The five a.m. stampede down the hall, screams filling the house and shouts of, "He's been! he's been!" The look of amazement on their faces as they found an empty tray where just the night before had been carrots for Rudolph, cookies, cake and milk for Santa was priceless. It was after all concrete evidence that Santa really had been right there in the house! Then came the frenzied unwrapping of the many wonderful things they had wished for all year long, until they were buried in the mounds of torn Christmas paper. Christmas truly is a magical time of year that we can all relate to.

No matter how the presents actually got there, children all around the world have witnessed results of their faith and beliefs materialise before their very eyes. From experience we know that a child's belief in Santa Claus lasts until about the age of eight years old, maybe even nine or ten if you are lucky these days. That is a long time for a child to retain such a strong belief. More importantly it is a long time for a child to be wholly open to the experience that their unlimited faith will result in their wishes coming true.

Take a moment and consider that. Consider the incredible power and potential of having unlimited faith and unwavering belief. It is the substance from which all manner of things can be brought into creation. It is the substance that can form and transform the world...and we all have it. Don't think about the 'how', just think about that inner well of creation that we all have going to waste. It used to flow freely and unrestricted. It was undiluted. It was pure! So what happened?

At the moment adults told us Santa was a big fat lie and that we were stupid to ever have believed in such nonsense in the first place, a seal was placed on our well of creation. A tap was then installed with a meter of course, and ever since that moment our well of creation and unlimited potential has been restricted, rationed, monitored, and for some of us turned off completely!

In the words of Saint Augustine, "Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe."

Yes the big guy in the red suit may not be real or bring the presents, but that is not what is at stake this Christmas. There is powerful energy inside everyone of us that needs to be nurtured, sprinkled with love, tended regularly to weed out ego and most of all, allowed to expand. It has the potential to change lives and change the future of everyone on this planet if we would only just let it flow. I believe anything is possible, I truly do.

So that is my Christmas message to you this year...Let it flow. Let it flow. Let it flow. No pun intended.

I wish you all a truly magical Christmas.

Love and blessings XXX