O Sole Mio

A few weeks ago I was in Sydney to hear the incredible Esther Hicks present her Path of Least Resistance seminar (if you’ve never heard of her you’re long overdue an introduction). Soon after my arrival, while crossing the road, my attention was drawn to the sole of a shoe in the middle of the road. “Someone has lost their sole” I thought. Quite apt actually given I was in town along with hundreds of others for some soul searching and enlightenment!

I found myself deliberating upon the definition of a lost soul. To me it is someone who is experiencing the stark contrast of where they want to be against where they actually find themselves to be. They can see no clear way of moving towards their desires however great or small, and constant thoughts of blocks ahead keep their destination point far from reach.

It can be a lonely place to be, as in the searching for a way out it is all too easy to see things that reinforce the very fears that keep the soul “lost”. I once thought of myself as a lost soul however I came to realise that even if that was my perceived reality at the time, that label, that thought, was not going to be beneficial in moving me forward. As Ken Keyes Jr states in his Handbook to Higher Consciousness "You should always be aware that your head creates your world". We must be very careful about the negative labels we attach to ourselves and others as we may deny ourselves and others the ability to change and positively move forward in life.

Is there someone you have attached a negative label to? Maybe it’s the ex, the boss, someone you see on the train every day, a colleague...maybe it’s even you? Take note of the negative thought labels you use throughout your day. This is important as repeated thoughts create a belief system. Beliefs act as a catalyst and drive action. People buy into belief systems. In everyday life companies use labelling as part of their marketing strategy, branding and endorsing their products to sell their message to the world. We also know it can be very difficult for a company to change or shake off the name of a well established label. The same goes for life. What message are you sending out to others from the labels you give yourself and others? It can be very difficult to shake off a label we have created for ourselves, given to others, or have been given. But it can be done.

Esther Hicks tells us “contrast always assures expansion”. That realisation alone is enough to provide a springboard to something new, because from standing in the place of contrast, we have the opportunity to change. If we change our thoughts, we can change our beliefs. If we change our beliefs we can change our actions. So just by changing our thoughts alone, we will in turn change our beliefs and actions. The simplicity is incredible, so too is our ability to make every day better for ourselves, others and live the life we desire. For in the changing of our thoughts comes the wellbeing that we seek. It is never too early or too late for some life re-branding. So what are you waiting for?

...and just maybe the person, who lost their sole in Sydney, also found their soul that day too.