The Ugly Coat

Dear Universe,

Robbie Williams sang “I just want to feel real love”. It’s something we can all relate to. So what is standing in the way? Universe, we want answers and we want them now!

We are special, we are entitled and deserving. We work hard, achieve many great things. We save, invest wisely have a good name and a lovely home so what is the deal?

Yours demandingly...


Dearest demanding you,

With great love we will tell you why. You may not like it, but you did ask.

It is the ugly coat you wear, the ugly coat of ego.

Ego causes you to judge, defend, hurt and destroy in your search for more. Why it is you hurt each other, why do you destroy this beautiful planet? Will you not be happy until you have destroyed every piece of the earth and every piece of each other in your search for “things” that are of no use to you?

What does mankind need to be able to see the damage it causes? Are the eyes you have been given no good? Are the ears you have no good? What of the inner compass you carry? Why do you ignore it so? There are such displays of self-centredness, which contradicts that which truly sits at your centre, unconditional love. We, the Universe are tired of watching the play on earth. It is like a horror movie stuck on repeat.

What does it mean when you will gladly help one soul, but not another? What is it that draws the line in the sand? It is the ego, fed by the words and actions of one another. What if tomorrow you all started a new day without sight to judge, without ears to gossip, devoid of the ability to taste and smell? What if tomorrow all you had was the gift of feeling? Would that help? Would you treat everyone you encountered the same way?

Is it that you have been gifted with too many delightful senses of which you have lost the meaning of their joyful purpose, and instead made them tools of the ego? Of course not, because you enjoy these senses for their divine purpose with your loved ones...but is it the ego who decides who is worthy of being a loved one?

Why do you restrict your love so? What can possibly be achieved from withholding love from yourselves and others? It is senseless to do so. Even your children born so pure are soon infected with ego that serves no-one.

To continue this way is such a waste of a blissful opportunity to experience universal love in your physical forms. Such beauty and bliss lies within you all and yet you are mainly blind and deaf to it. What would it take for you all to act from a place of love? It is time to take off those ugly coats and burn them in piles high. It is time to spread your arms around one another and feel the healing effects of love.

You did ask.

Divinely yours,

The Universe

p.s Robbie's Angels is on our playlist.