All That Glitters

How many times are you asked what you got up to on the weekend only to say either “nothing much” or “I can’t remember”?

As we go through the motions of our day generally we are on auto pilot. We sometimes even arrive at destinations only to think “I don’t remember getting here!” We move through throngs of people looking, but never really looking at anyone. We hear but don’t really listen. We respond automatically.

Our heads are full of thoughts of things we want, or desire, or need to be able to get to where we want to be in life.

We are moving through life searching for things to do and acquire because of what we feel they will do for us and how they will make us feel better about ourselves. We are glitter seekers. But what are we missing if we focus only on the things we expect will bring some glitter into our lives?

I regularly walk along the same path from my home. It runs parallel to a busy main road, the footpath is in pretty bad shape and ultimately it became uninspiring. I fell out of rhythm with walking altogether. I decided it was time to walk this route again with fresh eyes. I decided I wouldn’t look at the road or the cars passing by, the footpath, or the houses along the way. Instead I would look for things that I probably passed by a million times and didn’t even take notice of.

I discovered there is an olive tree next to the path not far from my house, in full bloom, tiny olives on all branches. Tiny white flowers dot the footpath together with pinks, lilacs, whites and ruby. Beautiful bursts of colour! Bees sitting on the tiny flowers move with the fluid motion of the wind. Gorgeous bamboo shoots line the creek. With greatness and strength the mature shoots protect the fresh green young shoots as they flourish and find their way. At the glade a beautiful kangaroo and her joey stand together in the long grass. How many times have I missed these things? Tiny balls of flowers and tiny white trumpet flowers grow in places where it would seem impossible...and then there is the ocean. It never ceases to take my breath away. The colours are even more beautiful when the sand mixes with the white wash and the sky blends smoothly into the horizon. I realise how blessed I am to be there in the moment, to see such beauty, to hear the ocean, to feel the wind on my face and the sand beneath my feet. The scent of the seawater is incredible, as is the unexpected touch of a beautiful wet dog that stops to say hello.

From my one conscious decision to approach something differently I had a completely new and beautiful experience. My encounter with all that lay around me was like a glitter bomb exploding. I felt drenched in glittery goodness and just like the real stuff, my glitter spread to everyone I came into contact with that day.

The day was such a contrast to those gone before all because I saw the glitter surrounding me. It made me think. What if I could go back to the day before and do it all again, only this time consciously look for and see the beauty and the glitter in every moment. Would I also see the many opportunities I missed to thank, smile, touch, look someone in the eye as they spoke to me, offer help or say a kind word? Would I see the opportunities I missed to spread some glitter and sparkle? I know I would.

Today, why not make a conscious decision to look for and see the real glitter. Look up and all around for things to acknowledge. See the stunning amount of abundance that surrounds your every moment and start living a different story. It may take you a while at first, but if you’ve spent this long in search of the wrong kind of glitter, then it’s time you experienced some authentic sparkle!