What's In a Name

What does your name say about you? We probably all have an idea of what our name means and if not we can easily look it up online these days. But I'm not talking about the standard meaning of your name.

As I have travelled on this soul journey I realise that a huge part of my life has been spent in Self-Sabotage. Strangely enough my initials are SS. I can also relate my initials to my experiences of Silent Sorrow, Stifled Speech and the result of being Significantly Sensitive. I have Sustained Suppression, Secretly Struggled and could probably think of many more.

Is it a coincidence that I can relate so much of my journey to words that begin with the same letters as my name?

I did not choose to have those experiences on a conscious level and of course I could relate much of them to circumstance and conditioning in this life. But what I have learned is that the experiences came about only by my inability to see what needed to be seen, to feel what needed to be felt and to know what needed to be known. If I had known that the power to move from being a Self-Saboteur to being a Sacred Spark lay within me, was mine for the taking all along, then that's the path I would truly have travelled...and stuck to!

Sometimes we have to look back to move forward. We have to experience the darkness to appreciate the light. But if we don't see at all sometimes, we miss the boat and can stay Steadfastly Stuck.

I love this realisation that I have a perfect tool in the form of my name to help me gauge where I am at any time. If my thoughts or feelings are not aligned to being a Sacred Spark, I can quickly make that jump and now get there in an instant. It is like having the voice of my higher consciousness on my shoulder whispering my name.

What do your initials say about you? Are you experiencing Jolting Frustration instead of Joyful Freedom? Are you a Constant Moaner instead of a Conscious Master? Take a moment to gauge where you are at using your initials. If you are not where you want to be, choose some new words to ensure your name is sounding out the note that calls your soul to you.