Veruca Salt

This actually has nothing to do with feet or plantar warts but it got your attention just like the song I've had playing in my head this past week got mine. It's a song from the old movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. If you have ever seen the movie you may remember Veruca Salt, one of the lucky children who found a golden ticket and entered the magical chocolate factory. Veruca was famous for her "I want it NOW" tantrums. She was a demanding child to say the least. A few other choice words spring to mind but we'll leave it at that for now.

The movie was released in 1971 when life was considerably calmer than it is today. Today we live in a world where everything is delivered in an instant and expected in an instant. Goods, services, work demands, home demands, replies to texts, emails, Facebook, never stops! The list is endless and the pressure to produce and receive on demand is ever increasing.

All of us want something. Success, peace, a new job, a partner, to be slimmer, fitter, healthier, wealthier, to go on vacation, to get back from vacation to catch up with everything we've fallen behind with, for it to be Friday again when it's only 7am on Monday morning, to win the lottery and never have to work again! Do we want to wait for any of that? No, we want it now! Admit it; we all have a bit of Veruca Salt in us.

Ok, we may not scream out our demands like Veruca, but we sure do internalise them. So is it ok to internalise rather than verbalise our demands? If nobody hears our demands is that ok? On the face of it yes, but someone always hears them. You hear them. Your soul hears them. The universe hears them.

The universe listens to all of our demands, every single one of them. To make things worse we make double-sided demands such as "I really want the job I have just applied for, but I won't get it", "I want to get fitter, but I don't want to move", or "I want to win the lottery, but I can't be bothered buying a ticket". Sound familiar? Just what is the universe supposed to do with doube-sided demands like that?

When we send out double-sided demands to the universe (vocally or internally) we remain in a state of stasis. We may ultimately get what we want but it will not come to us easily.

Instead of sending out double-sided demands have a clear intention of what you desire and why. Clarity is the key. Veruca was very clear about what she wanted! The next step is to feel into the desire. Really feel into it. Feel it like you already have it. Imagine it, dream it, see it, feel it. Don't let any negative thoughts get in the way otherwise you will lose your creative momentum. The more you practice the easier it will get and all you desire can and will come to you. It is the natural law of attraction. Remember this is your creative process so no blaming anyone or any thing if you don't get what you want. If you lose your momentum with the process it's nobody's fault but your own and there is absolutely no room for double-sided demands in this universe of creativity.

Is this easy? Hell no! It takes constant practice. It probably requires a whole new way of thinking as we have been conditioned into believing everything has to be hard or that just the lucky ones get what they want. Creation takes letting go of double-sided demands and taking responsibility for our thoughts. To do that we have to let in some peace, allow ourselves some space in which creation can grow. It means slowing down and shutting off the internal noise of our own demands.

So next time your inner Veruca Salt shows up demanding instant results while stamping her feet at you, tell her what millions of kids, adults and Willy Wonka have wanted to tell her since 1971..."shut the hell up Veruca"!