A certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, trained by the incredible Mike Dooley, I am also the author of the inspiring book, A Jar Full of Fireflies.


I have trained and coached others in business processes for decades, getting to the root cause of issues and offering new ways of thinking.  I've found that life is not unlike the business world and those same root cause techniques when applied with love, wisdom and empathy can create deep change.  

My Story

​In 2009, as my 40th birthday approached and at the lowest point in my life, having experienced a dark night of the soul, a chance stop at a bookstore instrumentally changed the course of my life.


I read a passage of writing that resonated so deeply it sparked new life in me. I began to listen to my inner calling, and ultimately was able to fearlessly reclaim my freedom, let go of toxic relationships, transform limiting beliefs with new information gleaned from decades of studying the works of spiritual masters, and at last, I began to live a beautiful life.

It was the start of an incredible journey in which I found love, happiness, and freedom on levels I could never have imagined.  

​I learned to turn sorrow into valuable life lessons, to find comfort in the simplest of joys, and ultimately find myself.


Now my own words are offered to you as gifts of illumination.  May they guide you home to wholeness, where your light never fades.